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Posted on 18. March 2011

IG Living Fan Spotlight - Kelly Clardy

There are many websites and blogs for those with chronic illness. While trolling the Internet recently, we came across an essay by Kelly Clardy titled “Am I Normal?” [More]
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Posted on 3. March 2011

Name That Disease

“Back in the day" women personalized their menstrual cycles as a way to warn friends and family about their impending premenstrual syndrome, PMS. People didn’t want to hear the details; they just wanted a fair warning that PMS was on the way. [More]
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Posted on 25. February 2011

Because I Am His Mother

When I first came to work at FFF Enterprises, the company that publishes IG Living magazine, I knew nothing about intravenous immune globulin (IVIG). I couldn’t name a single primary immune or autoimmune disease. [More]
Posted on 18. February 2011

IG Living Fan Spotlight - Joanna Tierno

Recently, we posted this question on the IG Living Facebook page: What’s on your mind? Healthcare reform? Insurance issues? Relationships? Start a discussion and let’s see where it goes!
Joanna Tierno wrote an encouraging response: [More]
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Posted on 11. February 2011

There’s a Fee for That

More and more, the healthcare industry is adopting the approach of the airlines by piling on fees to make up for decreasing profit margins. Everyone, it seems, wants more for less, leaving some patients no choice but to pay up or simply give up. [More]
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Posted on 4. February 2011

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

By Tammie Allegro There has been a lot of talk about making health insurance mandatory and charging a fee for those who don’t carry it. And there are arguments to be made on both sides of the fence. So many people go through life thinking how things will directly affect them and their inner... [More]
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Posted on 28. January 2011

No Penguin Left Behind

On a recent episode of the Oprah show, some of her ultimate fans were given the opportunity to travel with her to Victoria, Australia, where they explored the majestic Phillip Island. This island is home to the largest penguin colony in the world, and every night at sunset, thousands of these tiny wild penguins emerge out of the ocean and march across the beach to their homes in the sand dunes. [More]
Posted on 21. January 2011

IGL Fan Spotlight - Cynthia Johnson-Oliver

Cynthia captured our attention with her insightful post on our Facebook page: “After several years of disease, I eventually found doctors who treat me like I am a member of my medical team. I listen to their advice (i.e., not orders), share my concerns and ultimately make the decisions. [More]
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