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Posted on 7. July 2011

Dear Health Diary

Will patients with chronic illness use online services to track their health history? Some worry that logging information on third-party sites could be a waste of time or even a security concern. What do you think? [More]
Posted on 30. June 2011

Living a Normal Life

Living a normal life is what most people expect when they start a family. When children are born with a chronic illness like PIDD, often families find they have to create their own version of “normal.” [More]
Posted on 23. June 2011

Rejuvenation Does a Body Good

By Carla Schick

Chronic illness knows how to take its toll on the body, mind and spirit. It thinks [More]
Posted on 16. June 2011

10 Tips from 10 Years Sick

On May 22nd, 2001-10 years ago to the day of this post-my husband and I flew from California to Paris, planning to immerse ourselves in Parisian culture for three weeks. The second day there, I got sick with what appeared to be an acute viral infection. I spent most of those three weeks in a Parisian bed. [More]
Posted on 9. June 2011

My Brain is Fried: Inside Chronic Illnesses

By Stan Goldberg

Many people believe that everyone lives in the same world. At an event, we all see [More]
Posted on 2. June 2011

A Caregivers Guide to Surviving Chronic Illness

When a chronic disease hits, much of the attention is focused on the person with the disease. However, family and friends also are affected. For caregivers, it can feel as though they are maneuvering blindly through an obstacle course full of traps and landmines, where any wrong move can result in an explosion of emotions, leaving everyone feeling spent and helpless. [More]
Posted on 26. May 2011

DNA Doesn't Make Family

By Tammie Allegro

Families come together in many different ways. Sadly, many families in the immune [More]
Posted on 19. May 2011

What's Guilt Got To Do With It?

Guilt is one of the predominant emotions that accompany chronic illness. Certainly it waxes and wanes, but it is inescapable. In my experience, it’s the ways in which my illness impacts those around me that is the cause of much of my guilt. [More]
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