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Posted on 12. November 2010

Actions Versus Intentions

By Tammie Allegro

Recently, my youngest daughter got a pretty bad cough and cold. She was really bu [More]
Posted on 5. November 2010

Understanding What You Want: Getting What You Need

Patients with a chronic disease rightfully place a high value on relationships. Although we seek out love and support about our diseases from family and friends, that support is sometimes the most elusive, unmet need for us. [More]
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Posted on 29. October 2010

Overcoming Adversity: Learning by Example

Mahatma Gandhi, the famous 20th century Indian civil rights leader, said: “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” [More]
Posted on 19. October 2010

My Jack-In-the-Box

When you’re sick or just feeling low, who makes you laugh? Who makes you chuckle like a child? Pets are often a wonderful source of laughter. Charles M. Schulz, famed Peanuts comic strip cartoonist, once said that “Happiness is a warm puppy.” [More]
Posted on 15. October 2010

IGL Fan Spotlight - Cheryl Fournier

Our first Facebook Fan Spotlight is IG Living! reader Cheryl Fournier, who inspired all of us with t [More]
Posted on 8. October 2010

It Must be My Fault

Instantly, the thoughts in my head ran full speed ahead, full of accusations and blame. Did I drink too much soda while I was pregnant? Was I exposed to lead paint? I didn’t eat enough veggies. Maybe I just didn’t make her eat enough veggies. [More]
Posted on 1. October 2010

Friend or Faux

Beyond food, clothing and shelter, arguably the most basic human need is friendship. As humans, we need a true friend to share our hopes, dreams and sorrows with. But, for those with a chronic illness, a true friend is essential for positive health outcomes. [More]
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Posted on 24. September 2010

To the Naysayers of Healthcare Reform: Imagine Walking in the Shoes of a Patient with a Chronic Illness

Imagine being told that your insurance company was no longer going to cover the cost of your or a loved one’s immune globulin (IG) treatments? Either you’ve exceeded your yearly coverage limit, your son or daughter is getting ready to turn 18 and has no job with benefits, or you’ve just been sick too long, which means you’ve reached your lifetime cap - you’ve exceeded all available benefits. [More]
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