2023 Editorial Calendar

Feb – Mar 2023
  • Creating Boundaries with Your Caregiver
  • How to Get Your Specialists and PCP Talking
  • The Important Role of Case Managers for Patients
  • Understanding mRNA Vaccines
  • Superfoods: Separating Fact from Fiction
  • Clinical Brief — Deciphering Prescription and Over-the-Counter Labels
  • Parenting — Looking Back at Quarantined Parenting: Lessons Learned
  • Product Guide — On-the-Go with Food Allergies

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Apr – May 2023
  • Factors That Mitigate Patients’ Ability to Self-Manage Care
  • Decatastrophizing Patient Fears
  • How to Manage More Than One Autoimmune Condition
  • Understanding Autoimmune Encephalitis
  • Bedtime Yoga for Better Sleep
  • Clinical Brief — Explaining the Immune System
  • Parenting — Vacationing with PI Kids
  • Product Guide — At-Home Exercise Routines

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Jun – Jul 2023
  • Staying Busy While on Disability
  • What Doctors Wish Patients Knew About Decision Fatigue
  • Sleep’s Powerful Effects on the Immune System
  • Understanding Toxoplasmosis
  • Pre-Existing Conditions and Insurance Exclusions
  • Clinical Brief — Brand Name, Generic and Combination Medicines: What’s the Difference?
  • Parenting — Teaching Children to Self-Advocate for Themselves About Their Illness
  • Product Guide — Making Life Easier with Smart Homes

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Aug – Sep 2023
  • Patient-Driven Innovations in Chronic Disease Management
  • Helpful Podcasts for Autoimmune Disease Patients
  • How to Know What Sites to Trust for Medical Advice
  • What’s New in Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Running with an Autoimmune Disorder or Immune Deficiency
  • Clinical Brief — Understanding Scleroderma
  • Parenting — Palliative Care for Kids: What Parents Need to Know
  • Product Guide — Emerging Technologies for Chronic Disease Care

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Oct – Nov 2023
  • Managing Grief with Chronic Illness
  • Managing the Side Effects of Side Effects
  • Understanding Inflammation and How to Fight Back
  • Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • How to Support Your Immune System During the Winter Months
  • Clinical Brief — The Role of Inflammation in Chronic Illness
  • Parenting — The Role of Pets in Childhood Development
  • Product Guide — Stress Management Techniques

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Dec – Jan 2024
  • Managing PI in the Senior Years
  • Preparing for a Hospital Stay
  • Don’t Mix Medications with These Things
  • Understanding Ulcerative Colitis
  • Healthshare Plans for Chronic Illness Patients?
  • Clinical Brief — Treating Anaphylactic Reactions
  • Parenting — How to Talk to Children About Traumatic Events
  • Product Guide — Staying Warm

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2022 Editorial Calendar

Feb – Mar 2022
  • How to Respond to Inappropriate Comments About Illness
  • PI and COVID Vaccines: The Benefits Outweigh the Risks
  • Facts vs. Fiction: Debunking Myths Around IG Therapy to Improve Patient Outcomes
  • IgG Subclasses and Illnesses
  • An Update on Transitioning to Medicare
  • Clinical Brief: Menstrual Health and Chronic Illness
  • Parenting: Educating Your Child About PI
  • Product Guide: Migraine Therapies

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Apr – May 2022
  • Planning Your Calendar with Energy Deficits
  • How Stress Compromises the Immune System and How to Stay Positive
  • Transitioning to Home Infusion Therapy
  • Early Signs of Autoimmune Disease
  • Foods to Avoid with Autoimmune Disorders
  • Clinical Brief: The Difference Between a Virus and Bacteria
  • Parenting: How to Talk to Kids About Healthy Nutrition
  • Product Guide: Summer Camps

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Jun – Jul 2022
  • Health Vacation: Optimizing Therapy to Manage Well Without Doctors
  • How to Identify a Drug Interaction
  • The Growing Threat of Drug Resistance for Chronic Disease Patients
  • Understanding and Treating Psoriasis
  • Medical Malpractice: What to Do After Receiving Improper Care
  • Clinical Brief: Lymphatic Dysfunction and Autoimmune Disease
  • Parenting: Four Steps to Avoid Backpack Injury
  • Product Guide: Infusion Supply Travel Aids

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Aug – Sep 2022
  • Burnout in Caregivers and How to Avoid It
  • Resources for Caregivers
  • Facts and Myths About Dealing with the Pharmacy
  • Iron Deficiency and Anemia in PI Patients
  • Nutrients to Consider with Immune Disorders
  • Clinical Brief: Adverse Events Reporting
  • Parenting: Dealing with the Prevalence of Bullying Among Kids with Chronic Illness
  • Product Guide: Personal Air Conditioners

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Oct – Nov 2022
  • What to Consider When Choosing a New Doctor
  • IG Products and COVID Antibodies
  • Purging the Medicine Cabinet
  • Chronic Granulomatous Disease: An Inherited PI
  • Managing Joint Pain with Autiommune Disease
  • Clinical Brief: Dental Health and PI
  • Parenting: Eye Safety and Screen Time
  • Product Guide: Allergies

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Dec – Jan 2023
  • Career Tips for Young Adults with Disabilities
  • Lifestyle Changes for Coping with Chronic Illness
  • IG Brand Differentiation
  • Understanding Autoimmune Encephalitis
  • Ergonomics: How to Maintain Good Posture
  • Clinical Brief: Treating Chronic Autoimmune Urticaria
  • Parenting: Managing When Your Child Is Ill and You Are Overwhelmed
  • Product Guide: Organizational Assistance

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