2020 Editorial Calendar

Feb – Mar 2020
  • Setting Goals and Managing Expectations to Improve Quality of Life
  • Managing Product Shortages
  • Importance of Properly Trained Infusion Nurses
  • Understanding Combined Immune Deficiency
  • A Guide to Decoding Medical Bills
  • Clinical Brief: IgG Subclasses and How They Affect the Immune System
  • Parenting: The Importance of Vaccine Herd Immunity
  • Product Guide: Infusion Entertainment

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Apr – May 2020
  • Professional Boundaries in the Nurse/Patient Relationship
  • What Every Patient Wants Their Doctors to Know
  • Four Most Common Antibody Deficiencies in the First Year of Life
  • Managing and Treating Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy
  • Functional Adaptations for the Home for Those with Weakness, Fatigue and Pain
  • Clinical Brief: An IG Product Comparison
  • Parenting: Summer Camps
  • Product Guide: Exercise

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Jun – Jul 2020
  • Adjusting to Life with Chronic Illness: 3 Things to Do After You're Diagnosed
  • Factors That Can Impact Immunity
  • Making Your Medications Work Best for You
  • Understanding Selective Immunoglobulin Deficiency
  • Controlling Weight with an Immune Disorder
  • Clinical Brief: The Latest SCIG Treatment Options
  • Parenting: Swimming Safety Concerns for PI Children
  • Product Guide: Protection Against Harmful UV Rays

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Aug – Sep 2020
  • Life Lessons: Learning and Becoming Stronger Through Illness
  • How to Get the Most Out of Disability
  • How Safe Is My IG Treatment?
  • Long-Term Prognosis of Myopathies
  • Benefits of a Medigap Policy
  • Clinical Brief: The Importance of Keeping an Infusion Log/IG Health Diary
  • Parenting: Dental Care for Children with PI
  • Product Guide: Relaxation Aids

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Oct – Nov 2020
  • Special Feature: Patient Tools and Tech
  • Biofeedback for Pain, Stress and Anxiety
  • Can Telemedicine Benefit PI Patients?
  • Understanding Autoimmune Cytopenias
  • Adaptive Mobility for Patients
  • Clinical Brief: The CVID-Autoimmunity Connection
  • Parenting: Transitioning Teens to Self-Care
  • Product Guide: Disease-Specific Mobile Health Apps

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Ad Materials Deadline: Aug 17

Dec – Jan 2020
  • Protecting Mental Health When Dealing with Chronic Illness
  • How to Choose the Best Caregiver for Your Loved One
  • Effects of CVID on Major Organs
  • Managing GI Distress
  • Foods to Avoid with Autoimmune Deficiencies
  • Clinical Brief: Treating Chronic Fungal Sinusitis
  • Parenting: How to Deal with Being the Only Sibling with a Chronic Illness
  • Product Guide: Assistive Devices for Functional Living

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