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Posted on 16. November 2023

Practical Ways to Provide Support to People Who Really Need It

If you struggle to know what to say to or do for someone who’s hurting, you’re not alone. I’ve had my fair share of failures in this area. I tend to overthink my words, so I’m prone to staying quiet until I think of the “perfect” thing to say or do. As a chronic illness patient myself, I’ve been on the receiving end of my fair share of comments that are a little clumsy or ill-informed, but I’d rather receive well-intentioned, slightly awkward encouragement or help than none at all. [More]
Posted on 2. November 2023

7 Practical Steps to Thriving with a Chronic Condition

Upon hearing that you have an incurable or chronic disease, it's natural to feel a mix of emotions — fear, sadness, and even anger. The landscape of your life has shifted, but it’s important to know that a fulfilling life is still well within reach. This comprehensive guide, courtesy of IG Living, outlines some innovative and personalized approaches to adapt, manage your symptoms and champion your own well-being. [More]
Posted on 19. October 2023

Handling Halloween with Special Medical Needs

“Trick or treat?”
It’s the question that’s really a code word meaning one thing in kid-speak: candy.
But for children who manage medical conditions such as cancer, celiac disease, diabetes and food allergies, for example, candy is a code word for caution. The Curse of Candy. Candy is lots of fun (and it should be!), but it can also be incredibly stressful for millions of kids. In the United States, an estimated 5.6 million children live with severe, life-threatening food allergies; 283,000 children have type 1 diabetes; one in 300 children have Celiac disease; one in 36 children have Autism spectrum disorder; and nearly 15,000 kids are diagnosed with cancer every year. [More]
Posted on 28. September 2023

The School Nurse: Your Family’s Advocate and Ally

I was sitting in the carline one day after school waiting to pick up my kids like I always do when a text message from their school nurse jolted me back to the moment.
"Are you in the carline? If so, pull up to the lot and come straight in. I've got a possible allergic reaction in progress."
I don't remember how I got from my car to the nurse's station, but I do remember the way my stomach lurched when I saw the nurse perched over my daughter, stethoscope on, emergency medicines laid out and ready. She was listening to her chest and laser-focused on her vitals.
She was all business, but had a tender, confident manner, and I could see that my little girl trusted her. I quickly realized, so did I. [More]
Posted on 14. September 2023

PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day 2023

In our efforts to raise awareness, IG Living is supporting the PANDAS Network's initiative to recognize Oct. 9 as National PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day. We encourage everyone to visit the network's website at PandasNetwork.org to learn more about this devastating disease. [More]
Posted on 10. August 2023

The Art of Saying “No”

Today, I want to talk about the art of balance for those of us with chronic illnesses. Living with chronic conditions can be challenging. But with some humor and practical tips, we can navigate life gracefully and avoid overextending ourselves. [More]
Posted on 6. July 2023

What Happens When Private Pain Goes Public

I don’t follow celebrity gossip, but headlines splash across my screen all the time so I’m somewhat in-the-know, and I’ve noticed an uptick in reports of celebrities being diagnosed with chronic diseases. Have you noticed it too? I don’t pay much attention to the reports, mostly because nearly half of the American population has some sort of chronic disease, and 25 to 30 million have a rare one. In other words, lots of people struggle with some sort of disease. Why should I pay attention when celebrities have one?

I usually just keep scrolling because, perhaps unfairly, I usually assume celebrities are out to snag another piece of the limelight with their news. But last December when Celine Dion [More]
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Posted on 8. June 2023

What to Do When Life Isn’t Fair

My daughter plopped down on the couch after her fifth-grade promotion party and said, "You owe me."
"For what?" I asked.
"There were super fancy cookies at the party today, but my teacher said I couldn't eat them because of my food allergies."
"Didn't they serve something different for you?" I asked. She said they also served popsicles, and everyone was allowed to eat as many as they wanted — but she doesn't like popsicles.
Double drat.
The look on her face reminded me of the day she graduated from preschool: Another mom brought in cute little cupcakes decorated with a graduation cap made from a peanut butter cup. My girl couldn't have those either due to her food allergies, so her teacher gave her a handful of gummy bears instead. [More]