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Every quarter, IG Living will hold a podcast on a topic that affects those with autoimmune and immunodeficiency disorders. Industry experts will share the latest immune globulin (IG) news and information and answer questions from our community.

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Listen to the episode How to Stay Positive and Refuse to Let Your Illness Define You.

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Let's Talk! Ashley Wade

Social media has many benefits (and pitfalls), but rarely, it leads to something life-changing like a medical diagnosis. For Ashley Wade, the breakthrough came after watching an online video of someone receiving an intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) infusion. As the woman in the video described what she was doing and why, Ashley recognized some of her own ongoing health symptoms. Curious, she began to research immune disease and later pushed her doctor to run tests that eventually led to her diagnosis of common variable immune deficiency (CVID). A mother of two with a fulltime job, Ashley is still learning what it means to navigate life with chronic illness, but she is passionate about embracing her new normal and helping others do the same… full article (pdf)

Product Guide: Alternative Pain Relief: Hippie-Dippie Hype or Trustworthy Trend?

Product Guide

Alternative Pain Relief: Hippie-Dippie Hype or Trustworthy Trend?

Hope for the best; plan for the worst. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Expect the unexpected. This list of clichés could go on and on. When it comes to emergencies, I bet you know you should be prepared, but are you? A few years ago, my father-in-law came to my house to check on me and the kids while my husband was out of town. A severe thunderstorm was brewing and he wanted to make sure I was ready for it… full article (pdf)

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Reader: What Types of Medicare Policies Cover Hizentra in the Home for CIDP?

Abbie: I spoke with Leslie Vaughan, RPh, CSP, IgCP, chief operations officer at Nufactor, a specialty infusion company, who said periodic IVIG infusions for CIDP will not be covered by Medicare Part B in the home setting. They may be covered by Part D or via Medicare Advantage with prior authorization, and a Part D drug copayment may apply. Nursing and supplies might be covered with a Medicare Advantage plan, but there is no coverage for nursing or supplies with a stand-alone Part D plan. The periodic IVIG infusions, nursing and supplies would be covered by Medicare Part B if administered in a hospital or an outpatient infusion center that has a Medicare prescriber on site. In this case, Part B would pay for 80 percent, and a supplemental plan would pay for the remaining… full article (pdf)

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