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Every quarter, IG Living will hold a podcast on a topic that affects those with autoimmune and immunodeficiency disorders. Industry experts will share the latest immune globulin (IG) news and information and answer questions from our community.

Podcasts will cover topics such as the increased demand for IG products, Medicare, IG side effects, and reimbursement. more info

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Let's Talk: Harper Spero

Harper Spero is a business coach who specializes in working with service-based solopreneurs and small business owners. She is also the founder of Made Visible, a 100-episode podcast that has evolved into a writing platform that helps people living with or affected by invisible illness share their stories. A New York City-based writer who focuses on chronicling her rare immunodeficiency, Harper's work has been featured by Thrive Global, Fast Company, Scary Mommy, Career Contessa, Jewish Book Council and "The Today Show."… full article (pdf)

Product Guide: Summer Camp Is Back

Product Guide

Summer Camp Is Back

Call it A summer camp comeback. After two seasons devoid of cozy cabins, canoes and camper camaraderie, most organizations plan to reopen their doors this June. Many summer camps went on hiatus amid the coronavirus pandemic, with at least 62 percent of businesses ceasing operations during the 2020 season, according to camp management software designer CampMinder… full article (pdf)

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Ask the Experts

Reader: Can PI Be Diagnosed at 51 Years Old?

Abbie: I spoke with Michelle Greer, RN, IgCN, executive vice president of sales, and Leslie Vaughan, RPh, CSP, IgCP, chief operations officer at Nufactor, a specialty infusion company, regarding your question, and they said you can be diagnosed at age 51. However, while there are many reasons your IgG and IgA levels could be low, less than 1 for IgG is profoundly low/absent, which is very rare. They recommend you follow up with the doctor who ordered the labs and obtain a referral to an immunologist… full article (pdf)

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