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Apr - May 2021

Fighting the Loneliness of Chronic Illness

It is safe to say this past year has been difficult for the entire globe. For many, the pandemic's extended lockdown has resulted in loneliness. The problem is humans are hardwired to be naturally social. And those who suffer from chronic illness that already limits regular social interaction are feeling a deeper sense of loneliness during quarantine.… 
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This Dog's for You: Benefits of Assistance Dogs

With the tug of a leash, a little girl and her dog are on their way, beginning a new life together — one her parents hope, as they anxiously watch their first tentative steps, will open a new world of possibilities. A man, confusion mounting, feels the nudge of his dog, alerting him to an oncoming seizure. A medical alert button is pressed and minutes later, lifesaving help arrives at his door. While such benefits of a loving companion animal have long been known, assistance dogs also play crucial roles in many people's quality of life. From the earliest evidence of a dog leading the blind discovered in a Pompeii frieze to the 1920s when a seeing eye dog and his handler inspired Morris Frank and Dorothy Harrison Eustis to co-found The Seeing Eye that provides dogs to the visually impaired, dogs have had roles well beyond loving companion animals.…  full article (pdf)

Staying Fit at Home

I've known many weightlifters with a body chiseled like an Olympian who couldn't jog half a lap around a track without getting winded and having to stop. I've also known many long-distance runners who couldn't open a kitchen jar lid because they lacked the grip strength. We've probably all experienced how difficult it is to function well when we don't give our bodies and minds enough rest and nutrition. Can someone really say they are "fit" when they pay attention to only one or two aspects of their health, and neglect the others? No. Fitness is about finding balance involving all aspects of our health.…  full article (pdf)

How to Choose the Best Caregiver for Your Loved One

When a loved one is diagnosed with a chronic illness, the automatic response is to support that person in any way possible. Running errands? Check. Keeping house? Check. Helping with treatments? Check. But taking on caregiving duties yourself might not be the right path to follow. Research shows that when a loved one becomes a caregiver, his or her own mental, physical and emotional health tend to suffer. Caregiving can also damage the personal relationship you have with your loved one. And, depending on your own situation, it might not even be a possibility.… full article (pdf)

Addressing the Challenges to Immune Globulin Access

According to the University of Utah Drug Information Service, as of Dec. 31, 2020, there were 129 active drug shortages in the U.S., down from 166 during the same period in 2019 and 186 in 2018. While the number of shortages is down these days, all drug shortages can have a significant impact on patient care. Notably, when "medically necessary" medicines such as immune globulin (IG) that treat rare, serious, genetic and life-threatening illnesses and have few to no alternative treatment options are in short supply, the result for patients includes chronic debilitation, permanent physical damage and even death. After experiencing two IG shortages in the U.S. since the mid-1990s, many patients and their caregivers are concerned we may be headed for another due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To better address these shortages, it helps to understand their causes and what can be done to respond to them.… full article (pdf)