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Posted on 3. January 2019

The Resolution

By Abbie Cornett

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Every year, in the spirit of trying to change myself for the better, I make a New Year's resolution. The problem is they are usually ridicules or downright unattainable. I will give you a couple of examples of the dumb resolutions I have made. One year, I decided to give up swearing. My personal favorite, though, was the year I vowed not to eat chocolate.

Yeah, right! My good intentions on not swearing lasted as long as it took me to get cut off in traffic. Since I live in Los Angles, that one didn't even make it through a trip to the grocery store on New Year's Day. Giving up chocolate made it all the way until January 2nd when I opened my work email and decided I couldn't live through the day without a square of dark chocolate, scale be damned!

With these failures in mind, I decided to really think about this year's resolution. What could I resolve to do that I wouldn't fail at? The more I thought about it, the more I realized I was looking at my past resolutions in the wrong light. Instead of looking at them as failures, I started to see what they had taught me about myself.

What I learned about myself was I saw everything I didn't accomplish as a failure. This included all the times being ill forced me to change my plans or not finish something I had started. Instead of looking at what I did achieve, I only saw failures.

As I was thinking about this, I realized what my resolution for this year was going to be. I was going to change how I see myself and my accomplishments. Instead of saying: "Abbie, you failed because things didn't go as planned," I am going to say: "Abbie, look what you accomplished." I earned my two master's degrees, even if I didn't do it until I was in my fifties. I had friends over for dinner, even if I ordered takeout because I didn't feel up to cooking. And, against all odds, I made it until the second of January without eating chocolate!


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