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Posted on 21. June 2018

Keep Your Cool This Summer

By Abbie Cornett

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What kid doesn't count the days until summer vacation starts? But, while kids are counting the days to summer bliss, many parents are panicking trying to think of things to keep their little darlings occupied while still remaining sane.

While everyone wants to give their children the perfect summer vacation, this can seem impossible for those who have a chronic illness and don't have the energy to do what "healthy" parents can. But, this doesn't mean chronically ill parents can't have fun with a little planning:

  1. Kids love experiments, and Pinterest is full of great ideas for simple and safe experiments kids can do at home - from making slime to building mini-catapults.

  2. Don't stress about bedtime! Let kids stay up and watch movies and build a fort in the living room. My kids and I actually set up a tent in the family room and camp indoors. The mess can be cleaned up when school starts. Kids will remember the fun they had with parents a lot longer than they will remember whether the house was perfect!

  3. Color with the kids. The publishing industry has figured this one out. Adults love to color as much as kids. Today, parents can find amazing coloring books made for parents to share with their kids. It is a great low-energy way for parents to spend time with their kids and have some fun themselves!

  4. Check out the library. Libraries are a great resource for parents during the summer months. Many have free activities and reading programs scheduled for kids over the summer. The library is also a great place to cool off and read a book together.

  5. Check out the local newspaper. It is a great place to find free events like concerts in the park and free movies!

Remember, this summer doesn't have to be about trying to do everything or spending a lot of money; it's about parents making what they do count!


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