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Posted on 10. May 2012

Taking Risks

When have you taken a risk, no matter how small? Have you tried an exotic food to ease GI issues, learned a new language to take your mind off your illness, or flirted with a complete stranger to feel a little more “normal”? How did things turn out? What did you learn?

IG Living is hosting its second annual essay contest open to IG patients and their caregivers ages 18 and older. Similar to last year’s contest, we are asking entrants to start their essay with the same phrase. However, this year, we have chosen the topic of risk-taking.

To participate in the contest, begin your essay by completing this sentence:

The last time I did something for the first time, I...

Guidelines for essay submittal are as follows:

  • Write no more than 600-words, and be sure it is typed and double-spaced. 
  • Include a title for your essay, and make sure it includes the author's name, complete address, email, phone number and word count.
  • Submit your entry electronically as a Microsoft Word attachment to: editor@IGLiving.com, or submit it by mail to: IG Living Essay Contest, 41093 County Center Drive, Temecula, CA 92591, Attention: Carla Schick.
  • Mail your entry by June 1, 2012 (must be postmarked by that date). IG Living’s judges will rate the entries on a scale of one to 10 on five criteria:
  • Organization (the writing flow logically with clear structure)
  • Mechanics (spelling, capitalization and punctuation are correct)
  • Content (subject is discussed clearly, and the reader is left with a finished feeling)
  • Creativity (content is compellingly interesting for our audience)
  • Effectiveness (the whole entry is effective in its purpose for our audience)

Winners will be announced on July 1st. The first-place winner will be awarded a new iPad 2, and their essay will be published in IG Living Magazine. Second- and third-place winners will be awarded a $50 gift card, and their essays will be published in an IG Living blog.

This is your opportunity to get published in IG Living magazine! For additional entry rules, refer to the IG Living blog contest page at www.IGLiving.com.

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Debra Gambill
1:28 PM on Friday, June 08, 2012

Hi there;
Just wondering the difference in the referenced prize(s). In the magazine it stated a Kindle Reader, can you tell me more?

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