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Posted on 17. January 2013

New IGL Teen Supports Kids with Chronic Illness

By Trudie Mistchang

The teenage years are tough. Even healthy, well-adjusted kids struggle with the challenges of peer pressure, family relationships and simply fitting in. But for a teen living with chronic illness, these issues are compounded; loss of energy, endless doctor appointments, time-consuming medical treatments, missed activities and feelings of isolation make normal teen angst pale by comparison.

Last year, IG Living added a Teen Group on our Facebook page to support teens in the IG Community. Now, we're expanding our support of our teen audience by launching a series of new website pages called IGL Teen. Log on to IGL Teen to find cool links, tools and tips, inspiring videos, blogs, reader photo uploads, book reviews, poems, playlists and much more! There are teen-targeted resources too: Our Get the 411 page quickly connects visitors with articles, advice and information specially geared toward our younger audience. We'll be celebrating the launch over the next few weeks with online contests and Facebook promotions, so check back often!

At IG Living, our mission is to support our readers through education, communication and advocacy, and one of the ways we've been able to do this is through our online presence. Our website and Facebook page provide a place for readers to connect and support one another, while accessing helpful resources to ease the challenges of living with chronic disease – whether you are 15 or over 50.

Are you a teen living with chronic illness? We'd love to hear from you! What online features and resources would you find helpful? We're also looking for teens to write blogs and columns, so if you are a budding writer, shoot us an email (editor@igliving.com) and we'll send you our writer's guidelines.

Living with immune disease as a teen can feel overwhelming, but at IG Living we're tackling the issues head on. Looking forward to seeing you online!


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