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Posted on 5. May 2011

Confiscate Your Moments

By Carla Schick

Patients living with an immune globulin (IG)-treated illness often have difficulty finding pleasure in small moments. Life always seems to be consumed by doctors’ visits, infusions, arguments with the insurance company over reimbursement, finding the right treatments, and dealing with family and friends who just don’t seem to understand.

Dealing with all of that, where would patients find the time to appreciate the good things? After all, where is the good in all that? Sometimes it’s hidden, but other times, it is right in front of us but we just can’t see it. Lord Chesterfield, an 18th century British statesman once said, “The value of moments, when cast up, is immense, if well employed; if thrown away, their loss is irrevocable.” Do you appreciate the value of moments?

A couple of Facebook fans recently told us about the moments they’ve captured. Charlotte Gramling shared her amazing experience of hiking five miles for the first time in four years. Now that is an outstanding example of taking hold of an opportunity! She said she felt she had more energy and physical ability that day, so she took advantage of the moment and did something she truly enjoyed. Another fan, Thomas Perry, decided to return to his musical roots. Perry says, “I can play my guitar again and I realize how much fun it is, and it gives me identity. I’m not just a person that has CIDP and had to retire. I’m now a full-time musician.”

Many other IG patients have learned to embrace each moment too. Some take the opportunity to build relationships with people whom they never would have spoken to in the past through a simple introduction at an infusion clinic or an online chat room. Others use their infusion days to seize the opportunity for a nice long nap during treatment. In the middle of a busy week, this is their time to relax. Many patients have found countless moments of happiness with their pets - often in the middle of a stress-filled day. Even patients who find themselves bedridden for a time manage to discover nuggets of happiness by gazing at the blue sky and singing birds outside their window, or by watching all their favorite movies.

Imagine listening to a favorite song, cuddling up with an adored pet, slipping blissfully into a much-needed nap or chatting with your very best friend. These are the moments in life all of us savor. To live without regret means to find joy in the moment, even on those days when things are not going as planned.

Moments of happiness are everywhere, if you know where to look.

Tell us about your moments below.


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Susan RI
4:19 AM on Friday, May 06, 2011

Actually, having PIDD is one thing that has truly changed my life. I have learned to appreciate the small or little things in life. My sense of humor has helped me through many days also, you have to try to make light of those bad days or sometimes weeks for me. Although it is hard when I am very sick and in bed for weeks at a time to keep that state of mind. I try to remember the days that lye ahead that bring me joy, like spending time with friends and family especially my granddaughter when she beats me at chutes and ladders, mind you she is only 5 and wins without me letting her win just about every time. And some of the funny moments that my husband and I have when after being in bed for two weeks and he comes home and asks if I could possibly do a load of whites because he is out of underwear. We laugh and say that we know it is getting really bad when he has to start wearing his underwear inside out because he has no clean ones.....I thank god that I have a husband that truly loves me and understands what I deal with, that I am grateful for everyday. I know that he is always there for me. How can I not be thankful for this life that I have been dealt. I have also met some of the most kind, caring people that I would have never met had I not been diagnosed, we have a community of people that are always there to help when we are down...I am thankful always

Donna Hiebert
9:23 AM on Friday, May 06, 2011

Being able to sit and actually get up out of my garden to work is heaven.  Being able to pick up my grandchildren and hold them and actually speak to them is great.  All the little things mean so much more after my illness.  I laugh and say granny is normal again and they just look at me.  I know what I mean and that is what matters.  

Joanna Tierno
11:41 AM on Friday, May 06, 2011

I think my PI has actually made me appreciate the little things even more.  I really don't sweat the small stuff!  Once you have suffered any day your not suffering is a good day.  That's how I feel since being on IG.  Life still has its ups & downs and of course any tragic or really sad event is still going to cause me pain, but my improved health even helps me get through the hard times easier.  

5:49 AM on Saturday, May 07, 2011

I am so fortunate to have a home in the country, where I have a beautiful view out of each window. Even though I am isolated most of the time, and rarely see my children because of my various immune deficiencies, I gain great inspiration from taking a few moments to just look out the window -- at the trees, clouds, birds building a nest, what may be blooming in the yard, or the snow piled up on the hill. It seems to put things in perspective for me -- the universe is so large and I am such a small part of it.

The other things that really help me when I feel isolated, left-out, in pain, and all of that -- is putting on music, or just laying quiet and focusing on my breathing and trying to be in the present moment, realizing that I am still alive, still breathing, still doing it, and that however horrible it may be at the moment, that things shift, my health will fluctuate again, and I will have more of the good moments..

Deb Griffin
4:00 PM on Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Having God at the center of my life is such a blessing to me.  He has given me so many words to comfort me in times of pain & fear.  I take a verse & will read it & think about what it means & paraphrase it & use it during the day when I have doubts, fear & pain.  I use those scriptures as well as prayer as my meditation for Bio Feed back & self relaxation therapy.  I love music, it really helps me to relax.  

I also love to make hair bows, I have made them for little girls all over the country.  I try to make them especially for those who have parents who can't afford to buy their little girls bows.  I send them to them & it makes them smile. I love to think about the little girls & baby girls that I'm making the bows for.  I've given away hundreds over the last 2 years.  I love to be creative.  I consult when asked for weddings, parties etc.  I use Facebook to keep in touch with all those that I love!  It is so wonderful to see pictures of kids that I've known from babies us to see their families grow & to keep in touch with old friends.  I've made many wonderful new friends on Facebook also.  Gotten in touch with High School friends.  I love people!  

I try so hard to see a positive in every negative that this life hands to us.  There truly are many blessings in adversity!!

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