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Posted on 7. February 2013

The Balance Between Education and Illness

Having a child with a primary immune deficiency (PIDD) sometimes makes it hard to think beyond the next treatment. While health is the first priority, education also is important. This parent found the balancing act between academics and treatment even more of a challenge. [More]
Posted on 31. January 2013

Torn: What to Do When She Is Sick

Every working parent deals with this dilemma: what to do when your child is sick? If you have a child with primary immunodeficiency, it’s a frequent concern that can leave you feeling “torn.” [More]
Posted on 24. January 2013

The Joys and Challenges of Parenting Teens

Parenting teenagers can be rewarding and exhausting, but when your teenager deals with a chronic illness, there are even more challenges. Experts say getting the right support makes all the difference. [More]
Posted on 17. January 2013

New IGL Teen Supports Kids with Chronic Illness

Looking for a great new online resource? IGL Teen is the new website of IG Living magazine, specifically geared toward our younger audience. Log on today and tell a friend! [More]