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Posted on 9. July 2015

A Look Back at the IDF National Conference

Immune Deficiency Foundation’s (IDF) National Conference helps patients and their families through education and research, while providing them with a wonderful social setting to interact with one another, physicians and sponsors [More]
Posted on 24. June 2015

The Road to New Orleans

The Immune Deficiency Foundation is hosting its annual national patient conference in New Orleans June 25-27. The conference will feature educational and social opportunities for patients and their families to further their knowledge about primary immune diseases. [More]
Posted on 21. November 2014

Let It Out

Let It Out - A poem - By Rachael Watson
Time is spent wondering, waiting, wishing, whilst emotions overflow...
No matter how hard I try, sometimes progress will be slow...
The most frightening moment of my life, happened a year ago today... [More]
Categories: People We Admire
Posted on 5. July 2012

From Teacher to Advocate

Meet Annaben Kazemi, IG Living’s new Patient Advocate. Annaben is a former teacher who brings a wealth of insight and personal experience to our team. Send her your questions – she’s ready to meet and interact with our IG Living readers! [More]
Posted on 5. April 2012

Spring Clean Your Medicine Cabinet

Spring cleaning is an annual ritual for most people, but how many times do we overlook cleaning the medicine cabinet? Purge old prescriptions and safely dispose of them now – you’ll be glad you did! [More]
Posted on 8. September 2011

Putting a Face On an Invisible Disease

Those of us with an invisible, chronic disease would not wish our disease on anyone, yet when a well-known athlete goes public with the same disease, we secretly celebrate. [More]
Posted on 11. June 2010

Raised in Captivity

By Tammie Allegro When you meet a 17-year-old who says he was raised in captivity, it gives you pause. You might even wonder what on earth the kid is talking about. However, when you learn that this particular young man has been sheltered and home-schooled since kindergarten due to his autoimmune ... [More]