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Posted on 23. April 2020

What Day Is It?

Patient advocate Abbie Cornett explains how to find a purpose during social distancing. [More]
Posted on 2. April 2020

The Language of COVID-19

COVID-19, virus, social distancing, sheltering in place, flattening the curve, infection, healthcare system [More]
Posted on 26. March 2020

Medicare and Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

Seema Verma, a Medicare regional administrator, explains what individuals need to know about Medicare and the Coronavirus. [More]
Posted on 5. March 2020

Coronavirus: What to Know & What to Do

IG Living answers questions regarding the safety of patients’ infusion therapy and what to do to protect themselves from contracting the disease. [More]
Posted on 20. February 2020

What Medicare Does (and Doesn’t) Cover

Medicare helps pay for a wide variety of medical services and goods in hospitals, doctor offices and other healthcare settings. But, it doesn't cover everything, and it's useful to know what is and isn't covered. [More]
Posted on 30. January 2020

There’s Still Time to Change Medicare Health Plans

Cate Kortzeborn, a Medicare regional administrator, explains how to switch Medicare Advantage health plans. [More]
Posted on 16. January 2020

Hidden Germs

Like most people, I try to keep contact with germs to a minimum. Some might say I am even a little bit OCD. But, I am that way for a good reason. Having spent a good deal of my life sick with one germ or another, I have learned to be careful. [More]
Posted on 2. January 2020

I Am the Captain of My Own Healthcare Ship

William Hindin, a primary immunodeficiency disease patient, explains how to be empowered in your healthcare decisions. [More]