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Posted on 29. July 2021

Asking for and Accepting Help During a Serious Illness

Support is essential to help navigate the many challenges of a serious illness. Illness can bring difficult treatments, painful side effects and patchy recovery periods. Asking for and accepting help, however, is often complicated because we value our independence. [More]
Posted on 1. July 2021

4th of July 2021

The 4th of July is nearly here. At my house, this has always meant a pool party that, as twilight approaches, moves in mass to our local park to watch a fabulous firework display and listen to a live concert. One of the worst parts of the pandemic last year was the isolation from my community and friends during the holidays, including the 4th of July. [More]
Posted on 17. June 2021

Moving Forward

I keep hearing everyone talking about how they cannot wait for things to return to the way they were before COVID-19. Like everyone else, I am tired of social distancing, wearing a mask, and not freely traveling like I did less than two years ago. [More]
Posted on 27. May 2021

What Do I Do When I Receive a Denial for an Off-Label Medication?

The other day, I received a phone call from a patient asking for help with an appeal. When she explained her situation, my heart sank. Her physician had prescribed intravenous immune globulin for off-label use, and the insurance company had denied it based on the grounds that its use for the condition is "experimental." [More]
Posted on 13. May 2021

Side Effects of Immune Globulin (IG) Therapy

No one can argue that immune globulin (IG) therapy is a game-changer for people who require this life-saving treatment. Unfortunately, it comes at a price, often in the form of side effects. Fortunately, when side effects occur, reactions are typically mild to moderate. And, while serious side effects can occur, they are rare. [More]
Posted on 22. April 2021

Self-Care Is Healthcare

I don't know about you, but I always feel guilty when I do something nice for myself. I feel like time and money would be better spent on my kids or family. That somehow taking care of me was selfish. And, this guilt frequently meant I didn't take time for myself. [More]
Posted on 8. April 2021

Be Diligent

I am as ready as the next person is for life to return to normal. I have found myself resenting the need to wear a mask, to not be able to go to movies and to not be able to travel. In fact, to be honest, I have become lax about taking precautions against COVID. [More]
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Posted on 25. March 2021

Maintaining Your Medical Records Can Go a Long Way Toward Self-Advocacy

Most people assume their medical records are safe in the hands of their doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. But, frequently this isn't the case, particularly for patients with chronic illness. Often, these patients have complicated medical histories with medical records that date back years and span many different medical facilities, specialty pharmacies and, frequently, numerous physicians. [More]